Tumblr dance moms

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Based on the july episode descriptions for dm it seems like every episode is gonna have at least once cut dance….

Just think of all the wasted time and emotional baggage that goes into those copyright free dances each week for nothing. I guess producers have to give as many people as possible solos to see if anyone ends up crying in a bathroom this week.

Originally posted by lifetimetv. Or maybe, Yolanda is mad that her daughter had to be the one in blood while the other kids had regular solos???

Who knows…. A reminder of how big of a piece of shit Abby was to Jojo back in the day.

Coming back from being inactive to update everyone that Abby is still so bitter and spiteful. Posts Ask me anything Archive.

Audc season 2 truly was wild. Anonymous asked: Abby is pronouncing GiaNinas name wrong because she said it was a dumb name and it was too long so she should change it. Have some respect for the creator of this brilliant stage name.

I wish yolanda had never put her back on the show. Good thing this went down before Melissa had the chance to do this for Maddie. She has been arrested!

Thank you Jane Buckingham for brings us back together. What in the name of greedy Abby Lee Miller is going on here?

Tumblr dance moms

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.