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Originally exclusive to Outbreak Games' itch. Skinny, meek, and fond of music, Jason is the "odd one out" in his home, which otherwise consists of his stepsisters and stepmother. He used to be close to Jane, the sister near his own age, to the point where they've been called "step-twins", but she grew more brash and arrogant after becoming more interested in sports.

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The younger sister Sarah is manipulative and flirty, the elder sister Kira is a workaholic biochemist, and the stepmother Noelle is a control freak. After years of being bossed around by them, however, Jason plans to get revenge. Using his audio engineering skills and his elder sister's research, he sends out subliminal messages through the air vents when the family's snowed in for a week.

Will he finally get the respect he wishes for, and possibly much more? Or will messing with other's minds lead to disastrous, unforeseen consequences?

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This game is perverted fantasy where evil can win and do lewd things to good people. You bring that to real life it's on you. Episode 2 H-Game Snow Sakura.

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Snow Daze: The Music of Winter [COMPLETED]