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True Blood premiered on September 7,and in honor of the show's year anniversary, we're taking a look back at all of the sexy beasts in Hollywood. Michael J. Fox starred as the titular Teen Wolf in the first film Jason Bateman played the hairy teen in the sequel.

Who wouldn't be attracted to someone that good at basketball? David Thewlis's werewolf teacher from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was hot enough that we'd sexy monster spend time in detention with him. Who cares if he sparkles in the sun? Robert Pattinson defined "heartthrob" even if his heart didn't actually, you know, beat.

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We weren't going to forget TeamJacob. Taylor Lautner's protective, loving werewolf would have made a great match for Bella, if you forget the whole "falling in love with her infant child" thing. Look, he's made of decomposing corpses so he's not perfect. But Frankenstein's monster Rory Kinnear has that pale skin and dark hair of a Byronic hero, plus he loves poetry. The ultimate bad boy with a heart of gold. Only James Marsters could pull off that bleached blonde look.

The British accent probably helped. Unpopular opinion: Elijah Daniel Gillies is No, really, think about it. Elijah looks sexy monster someone you could actually spend a nice Saturday afternoon having sexy monster picnic with without fear of being impaled by a jawline. Colin Farrell played the dangerous neighbor with a deadly secret in the remake of Fright Night, and he looked good doing it. Megan Fox starred in the criminally underappreciated Diablo Cody satire about a high school girl who becomes a literal man-eater. Ghosts would be a lot less scary if they all turned up shirtless and helped you with arts and crafts.

With the plaid shirt and wire-rim glasses, Alec Baldwin's Adam Maitland looks like he could totally be a modern-day Brooklyn hunk. Plus, look at that peek of chest hair. And he's total dad-material. Sure, the side effects for immortality are going to hit eventually, but until then, Meryl's narcissistic actress Madeline has looks to kill for. There's a reason everyone who meets her falls in love with her.

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Billie Piper's Lily is smart, calculating, seductive and fully gorgeous, even if she's a resurrected corpse. Can you really blame Vanessa Ives for wanting to go over to the dark side when Dracula Christian Camargo was posing as a sexy zoologist? The ultimate zombie with a heart of gold, we'd let Nicholas Hoult play Romeo to our Sexy monster any day of the week, alive or dead. Maybe it's his confidence, or his moments of introspection, or the childlike way he goes after what he wants. Or maybe it's just that he's super tall. Even if Sally deserves sexy monster, Jack is still hot.

You saw his abs right? And thanks to a helpful demonstration, we know that his goods are also there. Home TV 26 of the sexiest monsters in pop culture. In honor of the 10th anniversary of True Bloodwe look back at some of the sexiest bloodsuckers and blood-curdlers ever to hit our screens.

Save FB Tweet More. Pinterest Send Text Message. Continued on next slide. What more do we need to say? True BloodStephen Moyer. Stephen Moyer's gentlemanly Civil War-era vampire charmed the fangs off us. Prayer for the Dying.

Elena does become a vampire, even if she also becomes human again, so she definitely counts.

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Episode TM and Copyr. Does turning into a werewolf automatically give you Joe Manganiello abs? Helena Ravenclaw Kelly MacDonald has that distant, brooding thing down cold. No Merchandising. Editorial Use Only. No Book Cover Usage.

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Sigourney Weaver absolutely rocks that 80's off the shoulder look. All My Children. That jawline! Those icy blue eyes! Ian Somerhalder made being cold look so hot. Don't us, but he's hotter as a beast than he is as a human. Replay gallery. Pinterest Facebook. Up Next Cancel. By Dana Schwartz. Share the Gallery Pinterest Facebook.

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Vampires: Evolution Of A Sexy Monster