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Fake choking, ambient moans—audio porn is going from a hobby to a money-maker. Three performers describe their lives sighing and moaning for a living. A young woman named Serena lies down on a bed, lights some candles, and begins to masturbate. She keep touching herself, thinking of her friend Nia. I love women with crooked smiles. Welcome to the world of audio porn, a medium some insist is the most empowering way to get off. Now, entrepreneurs bet it can go mainstream—and make money.

Last December, Gina Gutierrez and Faye Keegan founded Dipseawhich churns out three heavily produced sexy stories a week. Next week, Dipsea will release its hundredth episode.

The saga has spawned two sports bra-ripping sequels. Ninety percent of the first episode is all sexual tension. Only about four minutes are dedicated to the juicy stuff. No ifs, ands, or butts about it—though the team has gotten creative at how to sound-de safer sex. That might mean that the sound comes from unwrapping an actual condom.

The team has also played around with ways to reproduce the sound, such as crinkling paper into a microphone. Before working with Dipsea, Raiman had never listened to audio porn and does not consider herself a fan of the medium. As a working actor in New York, it was just another quirky gig to her.

Raiman feels that the gender make-up of staff helped ease her into the first scene. Though she is not currently dating, Raiman has considered sending her story to potential dates as a kind of aural sexting. Earlier this month Lauren Speigel—the sister of Snapchat founder Evan—launched Quinna free, barebones platform where amateurs can short fiction and audio files.

Spiegel, 22, told Allure that she founded Quinn after experiencing sexual dysfunction caused by anorexia. It's such a fun, happy part of life. Quinn is a daily dose of pleasure.

Wake up, grab your coffee, use Quinn for 20 minutes. April Would has always had a distinctive laugh. Asshe assumed people stared because her laugh was so loud. Now 31, a freelance audio porn performer and phone sex operator, Would wonders if people look because they recognize it from her recordings. Would, who requested The Daily Beast use her performance name as she has not told family about her job, began listening to audio porn in So I thought: there is so much porn online, I bet there is a place where I can just listen. In these amateur audios, performers read scripts in the second-person, inviting the listener to visualize they are on the receiving end of every suck, moan, or kiss.

At first, sitting in her apartment bathroom alone, doing one half of a porno, felt silly. After that, it was easy. Along the way, Would discovered many hidden talents. Asshe spoke with a lisp. A speech counselor said that her tongue was too big for her mouth. A preteen Would had reconstructive surgery, which left her producing extra saliva. She once tried to blow a dildo to make gagging noises, but her teeth scraped against the surface and made an unpleasant grinding sound. After more experimenting, Would found a different solution—but refused to divulge what she uses.

After a year of posting for her own enjoyment, Would got a message from a listener. The man had written a script that he did not want to make public, and he offered her money to record it. Would was flattered, so she agreed to do it. He asked for another, and another. Would began accepting clients who either had pre-written scripts or ideas they wanted her to conceptualize. She decided to go freelance when she moved into a cheaper apartment. Now, Would is a one-woman erotica machine, writing, performing, editing, and managing clients all by herself.

How do they do that? That said, she tries to compartmentalize what goes on inside her studio with the real stuff. I do all of these recordings standing up, fully reddit sex audio, in a dark closet. Though Would likes to keep her personal life private for the sake of a fun mystery, she admitted there are some pratfalls when it reddit sex audio to telling potential partners about her job.

On first dates, she keeps things vague, saying she works in audio production. Reddit sex audio she does divulge, there is always the chance someone will be too excited. Though Would is proud of her success and ability to make a living freelancing, she is constantly afraid of her family finding out what she does. But I want to share my accomplishments with my family.

One married, year-old performer who requested total anonymity said that she manages motherhood with catering to the deepest desires of her 3, subscribers. Gaelforce, a YouTuber with over 60, subscribers, lives and works in west Ireland. I was blown away. Without the visual, I was able to create my own scene, create the lady who was moaning [in my head]. His close-miked audios rarely register above a soft whisper. The result is an hour-long performance of him in bed, a sort of white noise for lonely hearts who want to feel like they are going to bed alongside a lover.

Realistic snores, of course, are edited out. A genuine moan is a powerful thing. Got a tip? Send it to The Daily Beast here. Crossword Newsletters. TECH Disinformation. Alaina Demopoulos Style Writer. Updated Jan. We imagine that kind of thing might happen. Like, dude, this is my day job. Alaina Demopoulos Style Writer alaina.

Reddit sex audio

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Hot, Heavy, and Heard: Audio Porn, Once an R-Rated Reddit Phenomenon, Goes Mainstream