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What was your favorite memory with your dad while you were a teenager? My mom and brother were going at it againlike full on screaming and throwing stuff and just general madness for literally hours. My dad and I are much more even tempered and were totally sick of it, and he just looked at me at one point and gestured me out of the room. He was like, "grab your coat". We left and went to a diner to eat Christmas dinner and then we went to a movie. It was awesome, we totally just ditched them. Wow, listening to your mom and brother fight sounds absolutely miserable!

I hope things are better now. Good on your dad for getting you out of there. That time with just the two of you sounded lovely. My favorite memory is as an adult. It was a few years back, I was 24 or I was in the process of getting a divorce reddit daddy daughter in order to sell the house I needed to renovate.

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My whole room was being torn apart and my dad was doing most of the work. I was in there helping with something, cleaning maybe, and I just laid on the floor overwhelmed with emotion. He comes in and sees me on the floor and lays down next to me.

I start crying and lean on his shoulder and say "this isn't reddit daddy daughter I thought it would be, this isn't what I thought my life would be, this isn't what I planned" and he just kisses my forehead and says "I know, I know, it'll be okay, we'll get through it". It made me feel so love and supported. I couldn't ask for a better dad. We go camping together, sometimes we bring the rest of the family, but mostly we just take the dog.

My Dad is He was telling dumb scary stories by the camp fire and he decided to embellish the jumpscare by throwing the small axe we used for the fire wood at a tree. We couldn't get it back out of the tree. A few years later we happened back upon that camp site My dad taught me to drive.

It's the only time we really spent together during those years because high school was high school and he was usually at work. Every now and then he would take me out driving and we would talk, and that's how I figured out that I'm really similar to my dad. We both like the same things, like cooking and gardening. One night I was driving through this small town that neighbors mine, and the road was going through the forest, it was raining and beautiful.

It was very peaceful and serene. Where I live, you need to have a car with special safety equipment like the possibility to brake from the instructor's seat to teach driving. Funny enough, I barely knew him growing up. He was a very quiet, stoic man at an intimidating height of 6'2". He worked a lot and came home to listen to my mom complain about work before doing some chores and listening to the Eagles before going to bed. I was a quiet teen who locked herself in her room to draw or read. My dad and I didn't start having a relationship until I was about My mom cheated on him and committed a felony that she tried to frame on him.

My dad and I bonded so strongly over such a terrible time that it actually ended up creating some of the best memories I had with him. He wasn't stoic, he was shy like me. And he opened up about his feelings and his self esteem. I learned so much about my dad, he was so dimensional now. We reddit daddy daughter so much in common, even in the things we did as teenagers and especially in the way we viewed the world and thought about things.

I learned that my dad was an artist, too, but gave it up. We pulled together the little money we had and took trips when the empty reddit daddy daughter was too painful to be in during the holidays. We camped in the mountains of Colorado, and were scared shitless when a fox woke us up by stealing a loaf of bread we accidentally left out.

We stayed in New York during Christmas time and he finally got to see Time Square and the giant Christmas tree they had. We took a long road trip through California and went to free events to save money, which included many comedy clubs and my first bar after I turned We stayed in shitty hotels and debated over which were the worst. My dad and I have an incredibly strong relationship now even if it was brought by unfortunate events. Worth it. He died when I was 17, and that was over 40 years ago.

My brother got MUCH more attention although I was the oldest, and I really only have a couple memories of him that did not involve the rest of the family. When I was almost ten, he took me to my first rock and roll concert. It was a complete surprise to me. It was so awesome. Sorry to hear that The concert memory sounds amazing. If you don't mind me asking And how did you and your brothers or sisters deal?

And i'm also curious to know how a spouse copes Maybe not even wash their clothes? Stuff like that? And understandably so. And I'm sorry if I'm getting too personal. This is weirdly negative to start and kind of sad, but my dad found me after I had potentially hurt myself purposely quite badly.

He was visibly shaken and upset.

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It really surprised me because although I've never doubted that he loves me, he's never been a super emotional or expressive person. It's probably the most vulnerable I've ever seen him. On a positive note, it kind of caused me to get my shit together and I didn't hurt myself again. Reddit daddy daughter always thought my dad was a superhero and that nothing could hurt him. It was the week after spring break and prom of my senior year of high school, I was He needed to have emergency heart surgery at the age of 48 from complications due to stress and diabetes a sextuple bypass when they thought he'd only need two stents!

I stayed at the hospital late the night before the surgery and we sat in silence and he watched my favorite TV show with me-- it meant the world to me just because he isn't a super emotional guy and it was just his gesture of letting me know he'd be okay. I left that night and came back a few hours later and wheeled him to the surgical doors with my mom they're divorced and he told me he'd see me later.

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The surgery went well and I was the first one back while he was still intubated and they let me sit in his CICU room with him until he woke up. It's a little scary and dark but it's my favorite memory because he survived and will hopefully be with us for a long time. Phew, this story turned out a lot happier than I thought it would!

My dad went to prison when I was very young 5 or 6and my stepdad didn't come into the picture until I was I never really feel the absence until I read thre like this or watch those Father of the Bride reaction videos. These thre make me happy for people who had two parents who loved them. Ya know, it's funny cause though I know who my dad is and think he's a good guy I've never had anything close to a bond with him and these kinds of stories are always tender and moving to me but never elicit a sense that I missed out.

Sorry to ramble, this is just always an odd thing for me. Like I was raised by my mom and she wasn't even a particularly great parent but I don't think I've ever longed for a dad. Seems strange. I went to an all girls school and one year my dad decided "enough with the mother and daughter events! One long weekend all the girls in my class and their d went camping. We did it for about 5 years. My dad also stepped up to coach my sporting teams whenever nobody else was available.

He's the best :. Posted by 4 years ago. Reddit daddy daughter by: top suggested. Setting: At home, Christmas Day. I really enjoyed that.

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Continue this thread. How can you be angry on Christmas for God's sake?? I'm choking up a little. How sweet and gentle. Funny, I didn't think anyone was cutting up onions here Oh man. I love my dad so much. I love this, it makes me want to get to know my dad better. Boy, my life would have been different if he had lived longer. More posts from the AskWomen community.

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Reddit daddy daughter

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