Pervert action legacy commands

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Good music, not the annoying stuff you normally hear in freegames. The game features:. Almost images most are NSFW and some are animated. Around recorded lines of English voice acting. Indulge in 11 highly interactive smut scenes.

Your typed commands will guide the scene! Achieve 11 different endings, including the extra-long harem ending. Lots of non-interactive porn scenes.

A special selection of bonus content after the harem ending. Change-Log Features of v1. These are found through new puzzle objectives — get out there, play the game and see if you can find them!

There is a new room in the victory suite with special scenes based on the collector cards. There are currently eight scenes; a couple are just extra picture versions, but some have multiple pictures, dialogue and description. There are also some spoilers for the remaining three cards, which will be linked to the Nega Maids, but really, who cares? There is a new combo ending in the game: Rio and Iku! This ending is part of a bonus path that includes a new night service scene as well. That unlocks their new bonus ending at the end of the game.

The ending also includes a cute little Harem Collector cameo. The ending plus the night service scene include 7 new pics. There are three new short NTR scenes between Hiroshi and the maids! The game has been rebalanced so that you should now be able to encounter scenes a bit more frequently. To put it simply, for balance the game ly prevented you from seeing more than one event per time period. Now these events should reset every time you move to a new room, so you can potentially encounter them in a more concentrated time.

This pervert action legacy commands make it easier to see the more dense amounts of content in the game. The apron is a lot more powerful, the cuffs are a bit more powerful and the garter is somewhere in between. Bug fixes: — The second Rio romance should no longer play twice. Now they will.

Pervert action legacy commands

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Pervert Action: Legacy (v RELEASED)