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Peasant's Quest — Guide v1. Views 6, Downlo File size 2MB. Walkthrough This walkthrough will list the various conversation choices you can make in Sisterly Lust and the consequenc. Walkthrough MindBreak v0. The core of the g. Walkthrough Langkah-langkah ini adalah yang terbaru mulai v0. I have simply attempted to pick-up where he left off. This game is actually very well thought-out and quite a bit of fun. The combat is generally well-balanced, so long as you don't try to rush through it.

Leveling isn't too tedious and the sex scenes are pretty hot, as well as being quite kinky at times. As of this version 1. Tinkerer has stuck with this game for well over a year and doesn't seem to even be close to stopping. In fact, he recently posted that the game may well take him into next year and beyond, which is great since it has a lot of potential.

When I originally began playing this game, I stumbled through it for over a week before I found a v 0. Instantly, I realized there were several things I could have done differently. This doesn't mean that my choices were 'wrong' just that there were other options that made more sense, in the long run. That is the reason I've used the v0. As I stated, peasant quest walk-thru is a guide The choice of what, and when your MC Main Character does something is up to each player, individually. There are a of locations in the various maps where you can harvest items such as firewood, mushrooms, blue lilies, wild pumpkins, etc.

I suggest you explore anything and everything that looks the slightest bit suspicious. Some items are only available during certain times of the day and night so check around. These items aka: spawns are all on a universal timer that regenerate every 7 game days. Pick them up when you see them, peasant quest you will need them later in the game. You don't get much cash for them, and it's nice to have a good stockpile later on for potions, quests, and food.

In addition to the items, you can harvest several enemies which provide you with needed bonus's Boar's Carcass, Pig Fat, etc. Hold onto these. You may get a good price from them at the store but each of them is needed at one time or another during the story. As is the case in many RPGs, leveling up is pretty slow at lower levels, but it gets easier as you gain experience and improve your gear. But there are several options to work around this problem almost as soon as you begin. First, when the MC talks to the Mayor, he will tell him the farmer is looking for help. The farmer will offer him a job working in his fields 8 hours per day.

If he decides to do this, the MC will get paid and gain XP experience points. The farmer will also allow him to sleep in his barn and regain HP and MP each night. The second option is based, in part, on the first one, with a slight change of sleeping locations. Remember the money that the farmer paid him?

Well, that is just enough for a night at the INN. There, he will recover far more HP and MP peasant quest night.

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At later times in the game this can be a great advantage since it also allows the character s to peasant quest for '8 hours' or 'Until the next morning'. Just make sure the MC has a key for his room at the Inn. A dog really IS man's best friend. Since the MC will want to build up some XP and money before he he into the Goblin Forest, it is quite easy to gain a level or two by doing nothing but working for the farmer and the blacksmith before retiring for the night in the farmer's barn. Instead of working on the farm, go to the smithy and work there for 12 hours 6 cycles.

The MC will earn more coin and XP than by working on the farm. If the MC is trying to build up his coin have him start every day by working in the smithy for 6 hours 3 cycles and then go and work on the farm. This will allow him to sleep in the barn and save the coins he earned that day. Have him sleep in the Inn for 8 hours and then spend the rest of the night in the barn this can be done in reverse just so long as the MC sleeps in both places each night.

The second option provides more than enough HP and MP to surpass the character's needs for the first several levels but your cash is gone. If the MC wants to restore his health and magic, while getting cash and XP, feel free to spend as many days as he wants working for the blacksmith and the farmer while staying in the barn. Whether he spends a day doing this or 12 peasant quest, will have absolutely no impact on events in the world.

As you get tired at the end of the day, you stats decrease — reducing your combat effectiveness. If you get to the point of being 'Exhausted', run from any further battles. Your chances of winning are almost zero. This also applies to your Magic Attack stat, which determines the effectiveness of your Heal Small Wounds spell. If you are going to use that spell to recover health before sleeping, don't wait until the very end of the day to do so.

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If you are tired, the spell will be less effective. Goblins in this game pay 15 coins for a pair of ears if you sell them at the store. The MC will gain money from other sources as you play the game, but all other sources of income pale next to the 20 coins per set of Goblin ears that the mayor of Weirdwood pays.

Similar to leveling, it's slow at first, but once you are able to kill several Goblins per day it will go faster. As soon as the MC can reliably kill multiple Goblins per day, start staying at the INN instead of just sleeping in the farmer's barn. The higher HP and MP recovered each night is much better than the limited amount he gets from sleeping in the barn, and the 15 coin price of a room is paid for by one set of Goblin ears or by a day working for the farmer. If he are going to be using the INN, though, it's a good idea to rent his room early in the day.

If he loses track of time and gets back to town after dark, the Innkeeper has gone to bed, and he can't rent peasant quest room The rats peasant quest enjoy the company but the MC won't since he loses 3 HP. Here's a little something I had to learn the hard way.

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Some of the items you gather along the way can be eaten. They can increase, or in some cases, decrease your HP or MP. The gear that the MC buys at the Smithy in Weirdwood is all that that is currently in the game, so buy upgrades whenever he can afford them. There are none better as of version 1. During the game he will meet and ally with other characters. These characters may, or may not, already be equipped with certain items such as weapons, shields, etc. Once the quest with them is done the MC can 'Unequip' whatever they have and use it himself.

The problem that arises is that if he needs to ally with that character again in the future he'll have to give them their items back. I 'borrowed' peasant quest of these items while I saved the coins to buy the MC his own.

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This last tip is really applicable to any RPG, but it's still valid. You never know when you might want to backtrack to an earlier 'save' to see what the outcome might be if you do something different. Instead of regaining HP, you lose 3. So, the only reason for staying here is if you didn't work for the farmer AND didn't get the key for a room at the INN. You will also find Gwynneth, the local 'working girl', hanging around nearby.

It costs 20 coins each in the item shop. If the MC gives her a gift three times, she gives him a permanent discount on all of her services. The discount only applies to services done to the MC, not on his behalf. She will help with the Innkeeper's Daughter quest. Carpenter — Marcus Marcus has several items available in his shop that he made for the late Count Orlow. The barn isn't bad in comparison to sleeping in the alley. This quest is repeatable.

Working for him also unlocks the Sheep Killer quest. There is a rather hefty cost to rent the fields a down-payment and then a weekly fee as well as getting some of the seeds needed. In addition, there is a waiting period for the plants to grow before the MC have harvest them. On the other hand, there's nothing wrong with having a little extra spending money as he progresses.

Jail peasant quest Guards There are guards scattered throughout the game but only two that peasant quest MC will interact with. The first is patrolling around the Mayor's House. If he catches the MC picking the flowers in front of the house or later in the game peeking at Victoria, the Mayor's Wife, he send the MC to jail for the night.

As expected the accommodations are far from ideal. When the MC talks peasant quest him he'll find out that there is a reward for the bandits found to the West of Weirdwood. He is also the guard that will repeatedly try to stop the MC from completing a later quest. Be nice to her and keep your hands to yourself for now. Doing this unlocks her as an intractable character in the Inn. See the Innkeeper's Daughter quest. NOTICE: Alice loves getting flowers, but only once a day, and since they're free for the picking the MC might want to get used to giving her some daily.

Otherwise, he might get stuck sleeping in the barn if you worked for the farmer or in the alley YUCK!!!

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Item Shop — Shopkeeper Almost every item in the game can be sold to the Shopkeeper but only those on the list below can be purchased. They will continue to be available after that. He also gives the MC the quest Goblin Ears. Now, if the MC asks if there's any other work he'll also give him the Witch Trouble quest. The Mayor will tell the MC to see his wife, Victoria, after he asks about the house for rent.

Victoria will tell the Peasant quest about the house for rent next to the Smithy, as well as the cost. She will also provide several quests for him to complete as the game progresses. Later in the game, the Blacksmith will help with the Spyglass, and Innkeeper's Daughter quest, as well as, helping the MC gain Frida's affection.

When the MC catches her in the act of … well, you'll figure it out, agree to be quiet. This makes her happy and opens up the option to buy horse cum very important later. Helping and watching her a second time opens up the Spyglass quest. Buy Horse Seed 50 coins for 5 A small vial containing, you guessed it — horse cum!

Giant Spiders, Spider Peasant quest triggered by clicking an egg Bandit - Dwarf Witch but only if you answer her questions wrong.

Peasant quest

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