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Spectacular natural beauty, and energetic performances have made Meridian into one of Europe's top pornstars. Many of us discovered her through a heavily circulated, greatly shortened poor quality clip where she experiences one of the most intense anal orgasms ever filmed.

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Fortunately, the high quality version is now widely available both online and in most adult video stores. It begins with Meridian riding a bicycle through the streets of Prague, and ultimately ending up at the side of a pool in an extremely hot anal scene. Even if you never view another scene in your life, find and view this one.

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You will not be disappointed. Under her real name Svetlana, Meridian delivered arguably the greatest performances in porn history for the movie Rocco's True Anal Stories 9. Her sexual enthusiasm in this group sex scene make it watchable day after day after day Want your voice to be heard?

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Mature Strap-On. Personal tools Log in. April 9 Czech Republic, Prague [1].

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