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The outfitting system in her case is quite flexible from a technical standpoint and allows for multiple combinations. You start the game with this full body outfit after K takes a shower during the Intro and dress up to see Commander Lyan.

K 's full uniform, fitting of her rank as a commissioned officer and pilot. When K reaches the planet, the suit conditioning systems malfunction along with the rest of her equipment, turning it into a not-so-good option for tropical climate. The first thing she does after the Intro takes place and she wakes up in Day 1, is to get rid of the jacket.

At some point in the night conversations with Nesishe suggests K cutting the outfit in some places, so she has at least some kind lok rebirtj ventilation. If she agrees to cut it, she does so the next morning with a dull knife. And she's not very happy with the result K is somewhat content with how her bodysuit looks and is fresher after the first cut, but an event out of her control could happen that leaves her main outfit in a poorer condition If she goes to the Waterfall to take a bath alone, there's a chance when she steps out of the water that her clothes are nowhere to be found.

Then some random guard shows up and, after some "negotiation", he goes to recover K's clothes which he does and K can get in her bodysuit after his "reward" is settled. This can happen for an unlimited of times. However, when the following criteria are met This will be the final ripping stage for this outfit.

Most of K's butt is visible and the top is tied on the back due to its tattered state. Various NPCs could react to K 's different outfits when they see them for the first time. Lokrebirth Wiki Explore.

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Lok rebirtj

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