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I have an uncommon kink, at least IMO it is, and I just really want to see if it's more common than I hardcore fetish and to see if anyone else has strange or uncommon kinks like me. It kind of drives me crazy when people talk about how super extremely kinky they are then all they do is pull out a dildo, some handcuffs and a blindfold. There's noting wrong with liking those things, it just seems so If you say you're hardcore, I want you to go hardcore. My 2nd wife of 10 years this month We hit a doldrum in our sex life in after being married for a few years.

We got out of that rut by having a frank if delayed conversation about what each of us needed in the bedroom. Turns out we both have a kink for bondage with her being tied and me doing the tying. Mind you, we made up for lost time and jumped into the deep end of the pool. Fuzzy handcuffs ain't what I'm talking about either.

My focus and hers too We both joke that Home Depot has become a sex shop for us. If you happen to see a guy thinking deeply by the rope and chain display, it might just be me coming up with a new way to keep my wife's boobs well managed and fully restrained. Had to laugh about Home Depot!

My husband goes and asks him if he needs help, and the guy replies that he is hanging a hammock chair. Customer looks at the ground and quickly says, "Oh okay, it's a sex swing. My husband tells him he didn't want any of this stuff, and showed him the correct hardware, explaining how to install it without bringing down the ceiling.

As my husband starts to walk off, he tells the customer. Needles to say, we have many things ropes, chains, swings, trapeze bar, you know all the usual stuff that can hang from the ceiling. I have a spouse with large breasts as well. I love flogging them and saying it's because she wants all the attention hardcore fetish men and thats why she grew them so big.

I would love to get into binding them as you said. This is hand made rope hardcore fetish for bondage and will be the best investment you ever made. My wife helps craft the rope, she does the finishing work on whipping the ends and packaging. Fisting is high on the list. I love watching fisting porn and I want to be fisted so much.

I got a guy on the line who wants to do it with me. And pretty much stuffing as much into a pussy as you can turns me on. Well, I've never actually shared mine with anyone before, I don't think. I've wanted to try watersports for a while now. Preferably in the bathtub, cuz, well, you know. Also wetting, specifically in like tight jeans and leggings even though I'm really not sure I could fit my ass into jeans.

I got that too. Feeling full is what gets me off.

I've been experimenting with fisting for a good long while now and been up to two fists, or a fist and a penis basically a guy jacking off inside of me. Yeeeeep I'm into it. Girls who are self conscious about being "loose" just make me go wut. Do you have any idea how much space there is for activities in there? Ahh yes. That's what we in the trade call the sauce. The good shit. The grade A material. What exactly is Hitachi Torture?

I looked it up and saw pictures and gifs of women being forcebly attached to a vibrator. Isn't that just a more efficient way to use a vibrator? Holy shit! I know exactly what you mean both with the masturbation fetish and the fetish for others' fetishes.

My ex bf hardcore fetish I exchanged links to porn we were watching that night, and it turned me on so much watching his and imagining him touching himself to it and enjoying it, even if it's not specifically my cup of tea. I haven't ever heard other people talking about it, I wonder if there's a name for it. I have the meta-fetish thing, too! Soo glad I'm not the only one! Sounds like something I would be into. One of my f favorite recurring fantasies is being walked in on while masturbating!

Wow, uncommon kinks. I have a million - too much exposure to the internet!!! I am a guy who loves when a girl watches me getting fucked by a guy. It's hardcore fetish a few times, but it can't happen enough but will probably never happen again, such is life.

I fantasise about my gf arranging for me to be gang-raped while she watches and laughs.

Don't listen to that stupid prude below. It was amazing for all of us :.

Was once sent a "shock video" by a friend of a chick getting fucked by a dog, found myself surprisingly into it. Don't pursue it or anything but it was pretty hot and I think about it occasionally. My ex long distance, pretty much a fake relationship too was once fingering herself and her dog supposedly came up and started licking her. She said it felt good but she pushed him away. It was actually a hilarious story. I know how fucked up this is but it happened. I once stumbled upon a compilation video where numerous women jerking off hard horses cocks and blow them in their mouths or fully naked bodies after a good time of playing them.

The video was way too long for me like one hour or so and hardcore fetish felt both weird and hot throughout the the watching. Well then, I was shocked at first of such thing exist then by the end of the video I had had my self blown in one of the most intense ones ever. Posted by 5 years ago. Sort by: best. Edit: spelling. As my husband starts to walk off, he tells the customer, "By the way, don't hang a plant from it, buy a cheap smoke alarm, take out the guts and install it over the eye bolt, not that I know anything about hiding a sex swing.

Continue this hardcore fetish.

I recommend degiottorope. Okay, I'll bite: What's your uncommon kink? Never got to try it either, but what the hell. Okay, I'll bite I was thinking vorphile. Good thing nice legal animated monster porn exists.

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Hardcore fetish

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