Games like acting lessons

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Throughout the game, the player takes on the role of an unnamed character where he comes to meet Megan, an actress. All a player has to do is to inspire the actress through actions and suitable dialogues. It is a text-based adventure where the player has to make choices that lead to the strongest bonding with the enchanted lady. The lady needs some help, and the player has to become her helper through inspiration.

The player must build trust as it is important for a strong relationship. The player can replay the game as many times as possible to experience different outcomes.

The game has other romantic choices for the player to go through if Megan is not suiting the playstyle. Throughout the game, the player plays as a female named Joanne who has to explore the town of Akhra and interact with the characters to fulfill their thirst. It is a story of three sisters named Joanne, Kira, and Thalia who were living their separate lives. The player will interact with different characters such as Tiberius, the guard captain, Fredrick, the owner of the biggest shop in the town, etc.

The player can interact with the characters through dialogues where a text box appears, and the player has to select the options. It is an addictive game where the player has not to engage in battles nor in storyline missions. Dive deep into the adventure, experience a varied story tale, meet new characters, and gain XPs. Throughout the game, the player takes on the role of a protagonist named Syd, who is a student of Foster High Hills.

The player falls on love with a pretty girl of the group and now has to decide whether he has to tell her about the feelings. The player comes to meet many girls and other interactive characters such as Maisy, Jayda, Steph, and many others.

The player can make his crush his fellow in the dance performance or work as a teammate in sports gala. The player can take part in the leisure activities of the school, such as dancing, sports, speech, and many others. The player has to help the protagonist in impressing the girl and purpose her.

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Games like acting lessons

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