First person sex stories

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All rights reserved. First person stories? I'm not looking for anything out-of-the ordinary. Just straight sex Either one. LauraBabes wrote: Does anyone have any good first person stories which I could read?

Check my profile.

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Most of mine are first person. Genre-wise they are all over the map, but Stormy With a Chance of Passion is definitely straight sex and also a love story. Stay away from my first One Fine Morning unless incest floats your boat. Need I say more? You could check my profile as well. I write first person.

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I only have one story so far. Submitted the second chapter today. If it's good or not will be up to the reader : I write to get things out of my head I have lo of mine written in the first person If you take a look at mythere are plenty to choose from. I have recorded audio versions of most of them too - so you can listen or read, or both! Em, Can I Watch?

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Hope you take a look though!! Nothing to see here It was awarded an Editors Pick, so I can say more then just a couple people think its good. I have also written several others that might suite your requirements.

Posted: Sunday, September 1, PM. Does anyone have any good first person stories which I could read? Posted: Tuesday, September 17, PM. Mine are Although each time I write I remember how very difficult it is to write in the few person present tense.

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I always get slammed by the editors and it take a while to get published. Third person is easier to write stories but I believe that first person stories, especially with erotica, allows the reader to be more a part of the action they are reading. ISO sexy married women to fulfill their deepest desires I have tried this and got off track Mine all are - and will be - 1st person s. High praise indeed, considering the quality of work you produce mazza dear! All of mine are first person, female POV. They're either the beginnings of a relationship or with a couple that's already together.

Posted: Wednesday, September 18, AM. My stories are and they are true from the days when we lived the life. Posted: Wednesday, September 18, PM. A good place to get your post count up! You cannot post new topics in this forum. You cannot reply to topics in this forum. You cannot delete your posts in this forum. You cannot edit your posts in this forum. You cannot create polls in this forum. You cannot vote in polls in this forum. Print this topic. this topic. RSS Feed. Watch this topic.

First person sex stories

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