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ASSTR is home to over authors of erotic literature, host of the alt. If you're looking for a good story, the ones listed here are top picks among some readers who know excellent erotic literature when they read it. Moderated Archive An archive of asstr collections the stories posted to the Alt.

A more web-friendly list is also available. Stories Hierachy. I have a "scholarly" approach to the groups, which makes me better suited to documentary and archival work, rather than writing per se. With that creative wealth, however, is a frequent disregard for both the past and future of the groups - the former in the common ignorance of older stories, and the latter in the few attempts made to preserve this material for later internet users.

My own preference is for long, serious, romantic MF stories with intelligent characters. I also particularly enjoy historical stories. When I find the time, this will be supplemented by similar archives of adult romance and historical stories. I'm also presently working on my own first story. E-Mail: apuleius poboxes. Throughout the years, ASSA has moved from asstr collections to time due to site-hosting problems. E-Mail: leoofborg hotmail. E-Mail: xthewolfiex yahoo. Mainly I feature male dominant hetero stories with some gimmick, usually science fiction.

But I don't perticularly care for fan fiction so you have little chance of seeing any Star Trek or Wonder Woman stories here. I favor multi chapter, epic stories. All the classics of the genre. But anything goes so don't be surprised if I post something really different or extreme, you just never know. I got reading, and I saved the stories I liked most. Before I knew it I was stuck with a small but nice collection. In my humble opinion I find reading a plain textfile a bit of a turn-off. So I turn these stories into nice book lay-outs. I save them in Adobe PDF format because virtually everybody can still read it.

If you mix those two together you'll get a nice ebook. And that's what I do. Enjoy them in a steamy bath Where evil villains plot to trap young heiresses, and jungle explorers are liable to be served up as human sacrifices or even-- dinner! Where every basement is crowded with hooded cultists devising fantastic torture devices to conquer the world! Damsels in Distress DID stories are popular, but often hard to find.

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We hope this site can be a magnet to pull in the best DID asstr collections, with new, original work being featured on a regular basis David Norton E-Mail: davenorton abv. But others do, and some of their works are here, or linked from here. Kudos to Russell Hoisington for the nicely-done web s! E-Mail: dennyw zipcon.

Sibling incest is a theme we use often, but not exclusively. E-Mail: elle. I like eBooks because I can download them onto my PDA and read them on the train, the aeroplane and wherever else I might be. All stories and novels are presented with the express permission of their respective authors.

Simon bar Sinister is the maintainer of this popular archive of erotic mind-control stories. E-Mail: simon galaxy. I've been building and scrapping web-sites for years, but this is my first one with "erotica". I'm making the site to showcase my favorite stories of a forbidden nature or at least my favorites which I have permission to post! I know that pretty much all the stories around here are of a "forbidden nature", but I tend to get most turned-on by ones of the most sinful topics, such as incest, rape, humiliation, etc I guess I could use some time on the couch, huh?

The site isn't limited to just those, though. Just check it out and see! Ceci est la suite du site de Pedinc. Story : unsafe, unprotected, impreg, preg, lact, inc, interr. E-Mail: davenazz gmail. Shy, sensitive, horny boys. Star-crossed teen lovers.

Teen sibling lovers. Sapphic schoolgirl lovers. Wet teen solo self-lovers. Torrid honor student couplings. Also hot adult lovin. These stories are of tie-up games played by a group of Boy Scouts during the s. The games mainly involve tie-ups but also include frequent tickle torture. The regular "players" in the asstr collections games are rough with each other's bodies but very gentle with each other's feelings. I have also started to add stories by other authors. Submissions are invited at the address on my web site Virus senders will be reported to their ISP.

Koika Story : Vampire, Romance. E-Mail: keinights yahoo. Libertine's Collection Before the era of the online Usenet archive and distracting spam, I collected countless erotic stories from alt. Many of these selections, dating from through to the present, are among my all-time favorite erotic writings.

This archive is my way of insuring that others will be asstr collections to enjoy them as well, now and in the future. I did not write these stories, nor have I, accept in rare cases, done any editing. I am only making them available for others to enjoy. The author of this story retains all rights to it.

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Lolita Stories This is a collection of stories about young girls. My thanks to the authors who have allowed their work to be included on this site. E-Mail: lolstories hotmail. Succubi, sentient plants, medusae and vampires are especially pleasing; in fact, any stories that involve some suspension of disbelief. I would also be very glad to see your submissions; please send them along to my good friend Wendy, thank you! E-Mail: wendy lbworlds. These extracts have been named and collected asstr collections to the relationships between the characters involved.

The same extract may appear with different relationships. E-Mail: j. I post because I realize there is a shortage of the real hard stuff and fiqure I should share. You may find errors in grammer, word useage, and the odd misplaced comma but on the whole the stories are readable unless you are my old english teacher. Story : my stuff asstr collections the gammet from erotic love stories thru rape ,torture, incest, and on to executions and snuff.

Some of it is quite nasty and not for everybody. I will group stories by type, the first word or two in the name will describe the type of story- snuff, execution, rape, and so on. There will be more codes after the title of each story but they will be fairly general. I'm just too lazy to list everything in each story. There are 2 groups that should be read in order- chance, diary. Chance is 4 stories that start out the same but have different endings. Diary is still an ongoing project.

True story notes should be read first but the rest are in no order. I may be contacted at glenteen yahoo. Prakritic Indo-Aryan Marathi, Braj, etc. Naked Blades From this website open doors that lead to lands undreamed of by mortal men And in the quiet of the night E-Mail: tanilen earthlink. As such, his collection is quite extensive and very popular. Joe has sorted his collection by category for your convenience, thus making a search for a great story very easy. Older vs. I started reading Dutch stories in the beginning but quickly turned asstr collections read English stories much more stories and better quality.

I find that there are a lot of stories at ASSR but there is no collection where all these stories can be found or linked. After I have this collection up and running I plan to add different collections. I hope there are people who appreciate the convenience of a collection like this one.

Thanks and happy reading. All kind of stories are included, from pure man-boy love stories to heavy non-consensual stories, from consensual bdsm-stories to boy-slave stories.

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Read carefully the story outlines and check the story codes - which are more elaborate than other sites indicating also the relative importancy of asstr collections action in the story - to prevent reading stories with actions you don't like. The website includes many stories from other sites, rather difficult to find for lovers of these special topic stories, and from sites long gone. But also several new stories, written for publication on this site.

Contact via the feedback form on the web s. The converage period is between and present. Story : orgy, gangbang, nc. E-Mail: kapowl yahoo. Some of the collection are my own while others have been secured for inclusion to this list from others.

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E-Mail: jilljordan hotmail. E-Mail: stm-asstr sc. Pour le reste, je ne fais dans le politiquement correcte.

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Welcome in my new site of erotic stories. I write stories having for topic incest and scat humour.

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All combinations are possible and all ages too. However, extreme violence, snuff, nc, abduction or other situations like that are forbidden in my site. For the remainder, I write extrem stories. Those which do not have solid stomach are requested to go away, you have been warning. You can send in this site your own english or french stories. You can make some feedbacks also on this site or stories. Story : scat, incest.

Asstr collections

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